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Aurora funds bright people

Welcome to Aurora – one of Scotland’s leading business angel groups

Based in North-East Scotland we offer our members carefully selected opportunities for investment.  We look for companies with great ideas and bright experienced people to make them work.  Our members are every-day people from all backgrounds who consider that some of their funds could benefit be invested in high-growth businesses for significant returns.

We also welcome people who are interested in helping or getting involved with high-growth businesses to join our Network at no cost and with privacy ensured). Register

Get emails on new opportunities to help high-growth companies.

Since 2003 Aurora in Aberdeen has developed a strong track record:

  • Members themselves have invested a total of £2 million in 20 companies
  • Hundreds of investment opportunities reviewed annually
  • Last significant investments made in 2014
  • Annual fee is a function of funds invested via Aurora and reviewed annually
  • Aurora members and Network provide expertise for executive and NXD positions

Aurora’s website Members Area describes current deals, opportunities, and declined proposals – any of which members can follow up.  Find out about joining Aurora here.

If you are interested but don’t necessarily want to invest, you can join the “Aurora Network“, a free-to-join group of individuals and organisations interested in hearing about or supporting emerging companies as executives or directors.
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A major player as commercial lawyers both at home and internationally, Stronachs are renowned for their interest and expertise in providing legal services to emerging, established, and large global organisations.

Contact Details:  34 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1FW                   Tel: 01224 845845                       website: www.stronachs.com