Aurora seeks to fund companies having:

  • Compelling reasons why customers will buy their product or services
  • Scalable growth prospects with revenues of £10m within 5 years
  • A business plan showing how the funds will be used to achieve targets
  • An experienced, skilled and committed management team
  • Ownership of patents/IP needed to deliver the plan
  • Full knowledge of the market place including competitors
  • Identified the main risks to success and how to mitigate them
  • Exit plans to give investors a return within 3 to 7 years
  • Preferably, SEIS or EIS investment scheme qualifying status

We take pride in being helpful and thorough in reviewing each investment opportunity.  If asked, we provide constructive feedback.

Once committed, Aurora aims to play the game right through to exit, working with companies, usually at board level, both prior to and following investment to ensure that each party gets the most out of the relationship.

You are welcome to contact us with your business plan. We aim to respond within one week.

Our funding sources include:

  • Private investment from Aurora members
  • Fellow Business Angel group syndication


Your company is unlikely to interest Aurora if its plans involve:

  • a one-off property or engineering project
  • new capital equipment costing more than 25% of the funds sought
  • further extensive research & development before product sales
  • founders taking large salaries or seeking repayment of loans

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