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Simmons Parallel Energy Fund

Aurora invested in 2009 and the fund is now closed to new subscriptions. Administered under the auspices of Simmons International, the fund is focused on buy-out and growth capital opportunities through minority co-investments in private companies and private placements for publicly listed stocks in Europe and the Eastern Hemisphere with independent investors, industry investors and private equity firms.  Website: www.simmonsco-intl.com/About-Us/Parallel-Energy-Fund

The Fund’s portfolio companies are:

Electro-flow Control Group Limited  provides drilling and marine instrumentation products globally predominately to the rig upgrade market. It also provides product guidance systems and onshore, subsea, nuclear and renewables handling and lifting.  Website: www.efcgroup.net 

Red Spider Technology Limited is a downhole technology company that provides tools and engineers to the well intervention and completions market.  Website: www.redspiders.com

Flexlife Group Limited provides integrity management and engineering services for flexible risers and pipelines and also provides subsea engineering and project management services. Website: www.flexlife.co.uk

Xodus Group Limited provides engineering, subsurface, safety and environmental services to the global upstream oil and gas industry.  Website: www.xodusgroup.com

Glacier Energy Services Holdings Limited is a leader in the design and manufacture of precision on-site portable cutting machines and a specialist provider of weld overlay and cladding services to the oil and gas industry. Website: www.glacier.co.uk