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CytoSystems has a simple, effective, quick and low-cost diagnostic tool for bladder cancer

Cytosystems Ltd, a Scottish-based company, has developed unique urine-based screening and diagnostic solutions to detect cancer of the bladder. Specificity and sensitivity are both 98%.  comprising:

    • Urine collection protocols
    • Patented cell harvesting device
    • MCM protein antibody
    • Patented staining technology
    • Thin slide preparation
    • Digital cell recognition software

The tests can replace invasive, distressing and expensive endoscopic test procedures. Independent research has confirmed that successfully introducing a nurse-managed diagnostic solution of this type into the clinic could enable earlier, more accurate diagnosis, improve patient care, enhance outcomes and greatly reduce associated healthcare costs by as much as 50%.

The core MCM technology was developed over a twelve-year period by Cancer Research UK at Cambridge University.