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Although the proposals below have been declined for Aurora, individual members may want to follow up on them. If so, please contact us for further information.

Declined Proposals

Sustainable Energy from the Tides

Sustainable Energy producer goes to market in 2017

Comments (0) 29 December 2015 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Whisky and Spirits Opportunities

We have a number of opportunities in the whisky and spirit sectors under consideration. However, confidentiality restricts us…

Comments (0) 22 August 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Private Music Entertainment Rooms

Private music entertainment rooms can be tailored to suit a wide range of groups, occasions, moods and times. Can be alcohol-free (e.g. for kids) or boozy.

Comments (0) 22 August 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Detached family homes near to Aberdeen

“This luxury development will consist of five detached family homes situated within the oldest part of the village…

Comments (0) 21 August 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Energy-Efficiency and Carbon Credits in Pakistan

The company identifies investment projects in Pakistan as to their eligibility for carbon credits under the Clean Development…

Comments (0) 21 August 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals
Coatings manufacturer seeks investment to increase sales

Optical coatings

This Edinburgh-based company applies its technologies to the areas of LCD displays, consumer durables and LED lighting applications. It…

Comments (0) 14 April 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Airport web network

Air-Fi Intelligent Airspace is a web network for global travelers connecting and branding cities through culture, art, style, fashion and design.

Comments (0) 13 April 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals
Fife-based computer games creator and producer

Computer Game Creator

This company creates attractive and engaging computer games with world-wide appeal. Its business model is geared at enabling…

Comments (0) 02 April 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Successful e-commerce trader of
unique child safety products

Aberdeen-based company looks for management expertise and funds. Products sell in 45 countries around the world via internet direct…

Comments (0) 28 March 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Herbal infusions for unserved niche market

This young award-winning company has already started selling its herbal teas both online and via three major UK supermarket chains. The niche market that it addresses is not served specifically nor, in the company’s view, with products that actually taste as good as its do.

Comments (0) 20 March 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Cancer diagnostic test

This company has developed an excellent, non-invasive test for cancer of a major organ in the human body….

Comments (0) 10 March 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Scottish Business Incubator
gives angel investors
new opportunities

A business incubator with a 22-year track record helping start-up and young businesses now plans to enable Scottish…

Comments (0) 08 March 2012 Read more »
Declined Proposals

Whisky Distillery, new enterprise near to popular tourist destination

This new distillery project is right next to a popular Scottish tourist destination. The next nearest distillery is a…

Comments (0) 20 December 2011 Read more »
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